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I'm Charlotte Simonis, Young textile designer.

I was born on june de 30th in 1990 in Belgium.

I grew up in Brussels.

I went to a dutch school(Mater Dei Instituut)  until I was 15 years, then changed to a french-speaking school (Dames de Marie).


At 16 years I went to Burkina Faso to plant trees and build mini-dams.


At 18 years old I participated in a Mini-business as a Commercial Director with "Les jeunes entreprises"ASBL.


2009-2012 : Bachelor Textile Design

                      Académie Royale des Beaux arts / Brussels


Sept.-Oct.2011: Internship Avani Handicraft INDIA

Reseach and development of a men's scraf collection in Merino wool and Silk.


Nov.2011 - Jan. 2012 : Internship Jean Paul Gaultier

Rescearch and design - New fabrics for Spring/summer Haute Couture fashion show 2012.


2012 : Exhibition "Matières Hautes couture" - Musée du costume et de la dentelle / Brussels


Jul.2012 : Internship Malhia Kent, Paris.

Research and sampling winter collection.




2012-2014 : Master Textile Design

                     Académie Royale des Beaux arts / Brussels


Developping my own project : Upcycling plastic bags.


June 2014: "Fabric in Situ" Final exhibition


Sept. 2014: - Selected by MINI for a Design September exhibition / Brussels

                     - Prix Tremplin: Award winner of the Maison du Design price.

                     - Exhibition at the Innovation Platform @ MoOD


Oct. - Dec.2014: Suzanne Gallery's Opening exhibition in collaboration with Atelier Bingo / Brussels


Nov. 2014 : Up'store by "Les petits riens" / Brussels

2015 : Creation of W.O.L.F. "Weaving out of love for the future

The project is all about weaving and upcycling, to know more visit


March : Artisanart : Award winner of the first price, elected Brussel's best craftman 2015.

May - June : Exhibition " Madame est servie" by WCC-BF in Mons, Belgium.

September: Fresh! Textile design pop-up shop during design september.

October : La vitrine de l'artisan: Laureate - One of the 10 elected Ambassadors to represent Belgian craftmanship.

November : Creation of W.O.L.F.'s online shop.


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